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Tracking Video on a Guided Landing Page

Question asked by e303d30f7dff32c1dbdaf39a377405b8db0c3ac4 on Aug 3, 2016
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Hey Marketo Champions,


Use Case: We have just finished a successful webinar and we want to send the webinar on demand to all of our 'No Show' registrants. I Want to know if the lead played/paused/finished the video so i can later relate to this action with trigger smart campaigns (Example : change status in program to => 'Attended On-Demand' ).

I would have preferred to refer the lead to our YT channel (and track their behavior there) rather than using a Marketo LP, as i understand this is probably impossible at the moment , i would like to send them to a Marketo landing page.


Technical Issue: I am familiar with the option to track YT videos on landing page (Big Thanks to Sanford Whiteman ) , however i use Guided LP and do not wish to create a template each time i want to embed a video.


Any solutions to how implement this on guided landing page?