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Adding leads to a Marketo custom object with a SFDC API

Question asked by 8c817349f1393c7289c078309afb66412d2da453 on Aug 2, 2016
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Hi All!


I have a question around  Marketo custom objects and a particular use case for our instance. I recently read about a company who was using Marketo Custom Objects to tie customers to specific products. Basically, each of their products was represented by a custom object in Marketo and leads would be tied to those "product" custom objects when they purchased any of these products and the sale was logged in Salesforce.

As we expand our product offerings, I'm interested in implementing a solution like this in our instance. My initial testing for creating the custom objects and populating them with a list upload works well. I now need a way to automatically feed the data from a Salesforce API when a lead is closed/won into the Marketo Custom Object.


Does anyone have experience with this or have any ideas how this might be possible?