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Measuring Detours in RCM

Question asked by 0c15a75921411a91144d65a70e3a16e82e4ac7e7 on Aug 2, 2016
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I've just recently created a RCM and data is starting flow in! Hizzah! But our lead lifecycle is definitely not a linear progression. Leads can come in skipping a stage completely and so I've created a number of complex "detours" in my model.  Because these detours are not on the green "success" path, I'm not able to capture all the data I need/want in the Success Path Analyzer. 


Has anyone overcome this? What did you do?  Let me give you an example:


If a lead fills out a "Request a Trial" form, they are entered into the system as at the Marketing Inbound Stage (the first stage after "known" in my RCM), then we will begin to nurture them to get hit our lead score threshold and jump into the New MQL stage (the next stage).  BUT, if a lead fills out a "Request a Demo" form, they skip the Marketing Inbound stage and go directly into New MQL.  Because of this detour, I'm not able to easily measure in the Success Path Analyzer. 


I really want to see how my entire model and lead lifecycle are performing.  Not just the ideal path (which is rarely taken).