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Referrer URL and Lead Source - How To?

Question asked by bb0b3c8fc140a3a1f03739ecbb1d793681fe7f8b on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by 5ef5636d06c926be996a4053ab7c8969393fd23d

Hi everyone!


I am setting up programs to place leads in specific campaigns based on where they came from. My first thought was Referrer URL -- I could attribute the lead to a channel. However, I'm noticing that my Referrer URLs are not matching my first-touch Referrer URLs.


For example, today a lead came in organically via Google. I know this because the referrer URL in his first touch (website visit) had a Referrer URL of But, on his form-fill activity, the Referrer URL reads (the page on which he filled out the form). I thought Referrer URL was supposed to populate with the page URL previous to the form fill?


My end goal is to say "if came from [Organic search], add to this campaign". The channels will, paid, social, etc.