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Moving/Pausing from Nurture Stream to go to Event Stream & Back

Question asked by fe7a51c4be59ca868c79153f8dd0d52b7828751a on Aug 2, 2016
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I’m trying to solve my scenario in the best way possible.

We’re going to have nurture streams created for multiple industries – each industry will get their own targeted content.

We also will be having webinars with associated report launches.

What I want to do is run a webinar / event for 8 weeks where leads will receive one email a week. 4 weeks of promotion for the webinar, and then an additional 4 weeks after where the report will be promoted.

Here is how I’ve planned it out.

  • Leads are moving through nurture streams, they are removed from the nurture stream and added to the Webinar/Event stream.
  • Week 1 Email – promoting the webinar. If a lead engages they will not receive an email until week 4 when the webinar is taking place (webinar reminder)
  • Week 2 Email – same process as week 1
  • Week 3 Email – same process as week 1
  • Week 4 Email – Anyone who has engaged with the email & those who haven’t will receive a reminder that the webinar is taking place this week.
  • Webinar Attendee Email – Email sent to only those attendees of the webinar (list pulled from Webex and sent through a marketo email program – don’t have Webex Event Centre subscription) – Any leads who engage with this email & download the report will skip the next 4 emails and return to their industry streams
  • Week 5 – All leads from Week 1 email sent Report Launch promo #1 – if a lead engages / downloads report they return to their industry nurture stream
  • Week 6 – same as week 5
  • Week 7 – same as week 5
  • Week 8 – same as week 5, all leads return to specialism streams when they exhaust.


My questions are:

How can I pause engaged leads for 1 week / 2 weeks’ worth of emails?

I think if I do Engaged with Content -> move to industry stream that’ll handle the leads that download the report moving back to their industry streams

How can I ensure the leads are paused from their industry streams when the event starts, and returned when the event ends?


Been trying to get this to be as automatic as possible, but I've hit a snag with how to fully flesh out the above process. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!