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Broken links after A/B test email program delivered

Question asked by cea167e1d810cae8b6a1a1d403e42d8b8df97da1 on Jul 29, 2016
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We recently ran an A/B test from an email program only to find out that the links used in the email were broken when delivered. Below are the suggestions we received from the support team.

. 1. Reach out to your webmaster about allowing these longer query strings. (Best option)
2. Use Marketo landing pages instead of non-Marketo landing pages.
3. Make sure to test emails with a single flow step "Send Email," which will show you how the link will look to leads (you can do this by making yourself a lead and then doing a "Send Email" single flow step; here's a doc on single flow steps: The Sample Email functionality won't provide the same link that leads will get. (Highly recommended to confirm email links.)
4. Turn off the mkt_tok option in "Edit Link." The lead's behavior will still be tracked. It's just that anonymous lead behavior won't be associated via the email link and would have to be associated via a form fill-out instead.

This is the link itself:

This is the broken link for the client when she received the email as a lead:


We've already allowed longer query strings on our web page. Using a Marketo landing page is not an option (the link is to a blog post) nor is turning off tracking -- we  use Marketo so we can track our leads' activity! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to guarantee that the query string is not too long in future sends? I'm afraid that testing an email through a single flow won't be enough since that doesn't guarantee that the next query isn't too long.


Any insights welcome!