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Marketo + Squarespace

Question asked by f2157cb619a3448e76d2b9ef899dee720dd52e51 on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by f2157cb619a3448e76d2b9ef899dee720dd52e51

Our company's blog is hosted through Squarespace. We had previously been using a MailChimp form as a "monthly blog digest" opt-in. Visitors would receive a pop-up after a few seconds, asking them to subscribe to the digest. When submitted, their name and email address would be added to a list in MailChimp.


Now that we have Marketo, we're hoping to do this through Marketo. Does anyone have any experience with this? OR, can anyone think of a workaround? Only thing I can think of is using a standard Squarespace form and have it push the data to Google Drive, and then come up with some way to get that data into Marketo (potentially manually before a monthly digest email gets sent out).


Any ideas are much appreciated. I'm new to Marketo!