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Per Lead Token not working with importToList and scheduleCampaign

Question asked by ad3237aef0ab05752d57b0ba6b6a97c13544bdeb on Jul 28, 2016

Hi All. I am new to Marketo and am trying to use the SOAP API to set a token per lead and send an email. I have setup a program with a text token named OppId. Under the program, I have created a static list, a smart campaign, and an email. The smart campaign has a filter on lead in the static list. The email references {{my.OppId:default=edit me}}. Using the API, I first call importToList, with importFileHeader set to  "Last Name,First Name,Email Address, my.OppId" and clearList = true. In the file, I send "Test, Test, someemailaddress, abc". When I run importToList, I see the record in my static list. I then call schedule campaign from the API, and the campaign runs and the email gets sent, but the OppId field just shows the default value, not abc as I would expect. I tried adding a second token to the program and email called my.ProgramLevel, and then I set its value using programTokenList in schedule campaign and that showed correctly in my email. Is there something I need to pass in programTokenList to get the importToList per lead tokens to be used? Or is there some way to check if the tokens have been populated after calling importToList? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.