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Is there a way to make marketo look at the latest action instead of the whole history

Question asked by 1a560e825b520b48a046f5aea90fc9d794aba2e0 on Jul 28, 2016
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i've run into a difficulty with sending an email after a lead is subscribed to our product news that i'm unable to solve w/o having to set up 10+ separate trigger campaigns

we have an "email" form at the footer of each product website that subscribes you to product news

10 products, 10 separate forms with 2 fields: email + product_subscription_checkbox

depending on  the product form submitted the field "subscription topic" is being filled in by the "change data value" action

after the form is being submitted we send a confirmation email where subscription topic is a token


that's what i have in the flow:


i've turned it on and was happy for a week until i spotted the problem:

if a lead goes and fills in form A (as a new lead) - he gets his newsletter with a right subscription topic. if he than goes and subscribes to some other product news and that product is BELOW the product A in my change data value step (for example, product A was choice 3 and product B is choice 8) he will receive an email with that old previous topic for product A

Obviously, marketo checks his history, sees that he did fill in the form for product A and as it's higher than for product B, it sets the A as a first choice again


i've thought very hard about possible workarounds, but the only one that came to my mind was to have all 10 subscriptions in a separate flow. which is a lot of manual set up


may be there is a way of making marketo look only at the latest choice that i've missed out?