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AdWords Conversion Tracking - No Marketo Form

Question asked by e0c6ab2db295e5453a172404ad97eb9c9c6e9145 on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

We have a unique situation where we are using an external program for lead capturing through a form (for event registration) - this program does not allow for Marketo integration at the moment. Instead, the forms sync to Salesforce, and then the lead enters our Marketo database from Salesforce.


Currently we have AdWords (and other online advertising) ads linking to these landing pages. Since we don't have Marketo forms we cannot use the form to capture the conversion information in the typical fashion (such as hidden fields and use of URL parameters).


Any suggestions for how I can use Marketo, given our current setup, to track AdWords conversions?