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Social Media Icons in Email Editor 2.0 (cannot update URL of image)

Question asked by f90eeaabc7b773deca1d1ce8f931b689559f7637 on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by 23a6e5e65c4880f42a44f574a1723e439e4a5533

I've noticed in the new editor 2.0 the social media icons in the templates are editable, but you cannot add a link.  The link URL is greyed out.  I spot checked all the templates and this seems to be in the case in all.  I understand you can update this in the HTML, but I am curious why it is this way in the templates.  I did try to remove the icon and replace with a new one to see if the link became enabled.  It did not.  We need to update these on a per email basis.  Does anyone know why they are set up this way and if there is a way to enable the Link URL?