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Issues with New Email Insights Dashboard

Question asked by e34b50b9143b1cccb81313830d1d137fc9e86ca2 on Jul 26, 2016

Hi everyone,


We just received access to the new Email Insights, but have noticed a couple of issues. Anyone else dealing with the same thing or know how to resolve?


  1. In the main Analytics dashboard where it shows "Drivers" on the right, we're only given program numbers, rather than program names. It's difficult to tell which programs these are, as we're not sure which numbers correspond to which programs. Do we have to configure the custom dimensions in Admin first to make this work?
  2. When we switch over to the "Sends" tab in the Dashboard and sort by "Most Recent," we're seeing emails that sent four months ago rank above some of our most recent emails. When I ran a smart list for these old emails, it didn't pull any recent sends, so I'm thinking this could just be a bug.