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Is there a way to see what marketing platform an email was built in?

Question asked by 5661b8f35ae2ec3f448e66d762f4a2f1ee307061 Employee on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by 5661b8f35ae2ec3f448e66d762f4a2f1ee307061

Often, I see an email in my personal inbox with features or aesthetics I really like at which point I'm curious what the email was built in or with. Is there an easy way to determine what was used for each email?


For example, I noticed that all unsubscribe links with "" in them are from MailChimp based emails. Some links have "/pub/optout" in them, some others have "" in them. Alternatively, I tried using the  "view in browser" links and using view source but couldn't find anything useful. Are there any dead giveaways to if an email was created in Marketo?