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Custom Fields Not Syncing for SFDC Contacts

Question asked by 9961c78d12d9b96567137448d8b8fba6da13e082 on Jul 25, 2016
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I have a working sync with SFDC for leads and contacts, however, I have 2 contact fields that I'm having trouble with.


Only the Leads are updating in salesforce. Other fields do update for the contact in salesforce but the following two do not. I have have mapped the fields from the lead to the contact in salesforce.


From MKTO Admin:


Stop Follow-Up Emails

CRM Field Map:

Stop_Follow_Up_Emails__c (SFDC Lead) -- sync OK

Stop_Follow_Up_Emails__c (SFDC Contact) -- doesn't work


Campaign Lead Follow Up

CRM Field Map:

Campaign_Lead_Follow_Up__c (SFDC Lead)  -- sync OK

Campaign_Lead_Follow_Up__c (SFDC Contact) -- doesn't sync


In SFDC I have mapped my lead fields to the corresponding contact fields.


Visibility and security are Visible and Editable respectively.


I'm not sure what else to try...