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Do I need to set text for every segment in email with dynamic content?

Question asked by 5e58d699d690b4b0516a2c8f025f7b072d9da984 on Jul 25, 2016
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Hi there,


This is probably a really basic question, but when setting up a an email with dynamic content do I need to set the dynamic content for every segment, or will any "unused" segment just inherit the default text?


Example: I'm sending an email to a smart list for leads in European countries, and I need to have slightly different content for the UK and non-UK European leads. My "Country" segmentation has the following countries: UK, Australia, US. I've changed the dynamic content for UK & Default and left Australia & US alone.


Because the original smart list doesn't have any leads from the US or Australia, do I still need to set the text for these segments? If by some reason the smart list included someone from the US, what text would they see?


Thank you!