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SFDC sync via any other field?

Question asked by 139af83fd63dddc19cd7015ac44487957cfbb3fa on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by 23a6e5e65c4880f42a44f574a1723e439e4a5533

Hi All,

I understand that the sync between Salesforce and Marketo keys off of email id of the leads. But, is there any other field which I use as the primary key for this sync? Is this modifiable? I was looking for SFDC record id, which will be unique, even if there are multiple leads/contacts with the same email id in salesforce. Can I change this sync to key off sfdc record id? or something besides email id? Because we have a situation where the email id for is the same for 3 different accounts, and it keeps updating only one lead. How do I stop this?


Thanks in advance!