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Master Source for Account Profile Data (Co. Size, Revenue, etc.). Recommendations?

Question asked by 228d9bb90ed6210b22556797077aeefeb94fdc15 on Jul 24, 2016
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We've acquired contacts from a variety of the usual suspects over the years: RainKing, DiscoverOrg, Jigsaw/, etc. etc. They each have their own profile data of the type we're specifically looking for: formal company name, subsidiaries, number of employees, revenue, industry/SAIC no. We currently use ReachForce (Smart Forms and cDQM) for data append both for leads and accounts. But as we're finalizing our ideal customer profile, we're aiming to choose a "vendor of first recourse" for account profiles (we'll address contact acquisition later, after finishing our ICP). That is, we want our baseline to at least start from a single, consistent source. We may get better data directly from the prospect account or some other source, but we at least want all departments to agree on the starting point, rather than picking and choosing opportunistically from our plethora of sources that are often inconsistent or suspicious-looking. Recommendations on vendors? I'm focusing first on the best fit to our business needs, not on technical integration capabilities. We want to stack rank the best sources first, and only then sift through technical requirements. Naturally, Dun & Bradstreet is appealing because of broad adoption of their company naming standards and the DUNS number (they call it a "social security number" for companies). Alternatives? (That aren't focused on credit reporting.) For this exercise -- baselining profiles -- we are not considering vendors that provide "socially acquired" data ranges of the type you get from LinkedIn or similar sources; we have found the data varies from "just OK" to "obviously wrong" to "bizarre.") Thanks!