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Creating a Subscription Center (adding or removing email addresses to SFDC lists)

Question asked by 694526192b17f6565b50ad80bce888f9dc919cfc on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by josh.hill

I'm trying to create a subscription center that would allow our Salesforce contacts to subscribe or unsubscribe from our pre-created Salesforce lists.


What I've done so far is:

1. Created a Subscription Center Form. This form has a required email address field and pulls in the field names for each of the mailing lists that we have. Again these lists are in Salesforce. They are not static Marketo lists.


2. Created Landing Pages. One for the form, and one for the confirmation/thank you page after submit.


3. Created confirmation emails for both opt in and opt out.


4. Created Smart Campaigns to (attempt to) make it run. And this is where I'm having trouble. I created one for Opt-In and one for Opt-Out. (screenshots below). After the form is filled out it's meant to send an email to the person giving them another confirmation.

Capture5.PNG Capture6.PNG



I have tried the Add To List Function, but that doesn't pull up our Salesforce lists. It only pulls up static lists. Change Data Value is the only one that pulled up our lists.


These are all housed with in an Operational Program and maybe I'm missing something in there as well. Obviously I would like for this form to be dynamic and know which lists contacts are already subscribed to. Are there any guides out there that could guide me through the steps for this?

I've already looked at these links and while they're helpful, they don't give me exactly what i need.

Building a Subscription Management Center

How to build a Marketo Subscription Center

I understand this is pretty in-depth but any help would be appreciated.