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How best to store data

Question asked by 2055671701380f8b9a8ad27ffdb249e8784c8b0f on Jul 22, 2016
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Hello All,


One confusing part of this system is how the database side stores a contacts details.  Im segmenting my audience based on there interactions with content via the web or emails.  As a download is made a boolean field is set to true for a specific technology that the download assumes the contact is interested in.


Therefore I now have around 15 fields with true or false settings for each of the possible technology interests.


Is there a way to consolidate these values into a single field.  The reason for this is that to build a preference center where each of these technologies can be switched on or off  but prefils from the existing data I have, requires the data to be stored in an individual field per technology.  This requires each of these fields to be on the form.  Adding each field individually makes for an ugly form.  See below for just three of these fields in place. 


Can the spacing be changed? we cant add additional text between fields? Is this the best way to store these settings?


Am I doing this incorrectly?  I have googled and checked the Marketo docs but struggle to find the best way to do this.  I think my thinking is correct but not sure if Im implementing this in the best way.