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Grab URL in Hidden Field without JS or parameters

Question asked by 42a9b07b47683e229f138bb0612538fd40912153 on Jul 21, 2016
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Hi All,

I have been searching for this answer already on the Community, but have not found it yet, so I'm hopefully someone can answer me directly or point me to the answer that I have missed.


Using a hidden field on forms 2.0, how do I grab the full URL of a page that a form is filled out on? My goal is to use a single form for gated content on several different web pages. These are basic web pages so they don't have custom URL parameters - Just the URL.


Within the form only (and no javascript if possible), is there a way to grab the full URL of the page the form was filled out on so that the follow up page can direct them to the appropriate content?


Example of how this single form would work.

Name:               Joe Smith

URL (Hidden)

Form completion page -->


Name:          Mary Miller

URL (Hidden)

Form completion page -->


I understand how to do it when we have parameters on the URL, but I can't seem to figure out how to just get the whole URL of the page. Can anyone help? I attempted using a trigger in the hidden field {{trigger.web page}} but that didn't work.


Thank you so much!