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Strange Leads Coming Thru

Question asked by f65fcc984809747b847c1bf1d003b14e6379f425 on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by f65fcc984809747b847c1bf1d003b14e6379f425

We have some leads coming through that we cannot figure out where they are coming from. It seems we have more than one record for the lead and the email address is the same. For some reason it seems that it is not recognizing them to merge them together. The company name is a email address with (Inferred by Email) along with the name. The lead is watching some vidyard videos but it seems to be creating a new lead for them and not adding to the existing contact where the emails are the same. It is also creating a milestone "Tradeshow" yet that interesting moment only applies to a Lead Source of "Tradeshow". Anyone else having strange leads come through or issues with vidyard and SFDC sync?