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SnapApp + Marketo: Is it worth it?

Question asked by 17f04b200da63aafcc2263e234684eab7f2a71d8 Champion on Jul 8, 2016

There are only so many How-To Guides/eBooks/Definitive Guides/White Papers a marketer can create before they start asking themselves, is anyone reading this? Could I be spending my time creating content that produces a better ROI? did my content strategy get so TOFU heavy? <--maybe that's just me.


So, in the midst of a content-life-crisis I stumbled upon SnapApp (interactive content). I have only started researching this tool and have found that their integration with Marketo (custom objects) is a great way to use interactive/targeted content to increase pipeline velocity by gathering prospect data via assessments/quizzes/etc.


If you’re not familiar with SnapApp - check it out:


There are two main packages available that appeal to me (and most other mid-sized companies). Starter & Basic.


Here’s the deal.


Initially, I was only interested in the Starter Package because you get:

  • 10 Pieces of Content
  • 2 Users
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Design Tools & Animations
  • Customer Success Support


I thought this would be plenty for my team to start out with in the realm of interactive content. Until I realized that the Basic Package contains a few additional functions that would assist in our marketing goals. And, to be honest, I thought the features included in the Basic Package would be included in the Starter Package…unfortunately, that is not the case.


The Basic package includes everything in the starter package, plus:

  • 24 pieces of content
  • 5 Users
  • Advanced Marketing Automation Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Third Party Analytics Integration
  • Personalization
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Summary PDF


The three advanced functions of the Basic package that seem worth the time to consider are the following:

  • Advanced Marketing Automation Integration
    • Who loves pre-filled forms? *Everyone raise your hand* The only way to have the SnapApp fields pre-populate is with the “Advance Marketing Automation Integration”.


  • Search Engine Optimization
    • SnapApp widgets are primarily javascript-based & search engine spiders do not crawl javascript. So, in order to make the content within an app 'indexable' SnapApp will replicate the content included within the experience in HTML code (that's only visible to the spider, not your end-user audience).


  • Personalization (The ability to personalize each user's experience based on how they interact with the content.)
    • This can take the form of:
      • Smart Text: lets you re-display known information to your SnapApp participants in the form of text — whether from your Lead Form, questions answered earlier in the content, or results received from the content itself.
      • Smart Rules: allow you to display or hide specific elements based on actions taken by your app's users. They can be applied to any text box, image, shape, video, or download within your app.

So, even though the Starter Package is more financially easy on the eyes and seems to contain enough functions to get your team started with interactive content, you may be disappointed to find that the actual functionality you want is about 10K more.


If you are currently using SnapApp, how is it working out for your organization and which package are you using? Any regrets? Praises?