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Should I use Opportunity Object or Custom Object?

Question asked by 99cf54c99f502ed99b9d5e3fcaaec3f9dd12e492 on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by 99cf54c99f502ed99b9d5e3fcaaec3f9dd12e492

Hi there. I have a B2C client in the professional sports industry and have the opportunity to import individual ticket purchase transactions (via API) into Marketo. Since it's not a typical B2B sales pipeline scenario, I've considered using a custom object to store all the transactions of each member on our database. However I'm not clear whether that would exclude us from using the Marketo Revenue Cycle analysis tools. Does revenue data, by definition, need to come from the Opportunities object?  If so, should I be looking to import these transactions into the Opportunity Object instead.  Trouble is, that I would need to introduce custom fields to include the metadata of the various sports events on offer. Is it possible to do that without using SFDC?  Any assistance on this would be very welcome.