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Cloning landing pages vs. scalability

Question asked by 0a5d38a2501e6625695d02a312cac5db15595659 on Jun 16, 2016
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Hello Marketo community,


I'm hoping one of the brilliant marketers here can help me solve a problem we are facing. 


Like all integrated marketing campaigns, we are using several tactics like display ads, email, social, sem etc. that push to Marketo landing pages.  Right now, we are cloning landing pages for each of these tactics because we want to see how each tactic is contributing to the campaign.  This means there could be 25-50 cloned landing pages based on the campaign...and this is just for 1 campaign.  So as we make tweaks to the landing page headlines, body copy, buttons etc. we need to modify 25-50 pages.  Then if we multiply that by the number of campaigns, we need an army of people to maintain to ensure all pages are updated.


I find it hard to believe that this is the only way to provide the visibility and detail on how each tactic is doing.  Is there a way to create only 1 or 5 (max) landing pages and have all tactics drive to that 1 landing page while maintaining the visibility on how much traffic/clicks/conversion is coming from each of the tactics?


Thanks everyone!