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Engagement Stream Reporting Best Practice

Question asked by 3eb82daf2758d203ce064b8dfe49a4179e1d8503 Champion on Jun 9, 2016
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Hi everyone,


Now that I have a number of different engagement streams up and running in my instance I want to be able to do some really good in-depth reporting with them now to see who is where in what stream, what they've been interacting with, and who's become and MQL as part of the stream.


I've been running with the simple 'Engagement Stream performance' report in analytics, but its taking forever and a day to run and most of the time it times out after a while.  I don't have a huge number of leads my streams (max 60K total).  And this is very basic - how many emails went out in what stream this week.  But I would like to get more in-depth and show what is and isn't working well.  I know it's going to be a combination of reports and smart lists.


So...anyone got any hints and tips for best practice, or the types of reports you produce?


Thanks very much