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Who do you set as the sender of emails?

Question asked by 4c007dc19ef59fb2a23a7a328dcda393c3b55ceb on May 17, 2016
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We go back and forth on how we feel about who the sender should be on marketing emails. Here's what we've run into:


Marketing emails (new content, etc) with LEAD OWNER (usually sales rep or BDR) as the sender:


  • All replies go straight to the rep
  • More likely to be opened since email recipient is familiar with sender


  • Sometimes awkward timing if an automated marketing email is sent out right after the sales rep just spoke to the prospect (this is a big one)
  • Employee churn often makes this tricky, as we need to shift ownership each time


Marketing emails with MARKETING CONTACT (usually me) as the sender:


  • Streamlines/simplifies the process
  • No awkward timing issue!


  • Replies all go to me, time-consuming to reply


I'd also like to note that the content of the emails are usually text-based, with no graphics, so it looks like a person wrote it. What do you guys usually do in these instances? Who is the main sender of your marketing emails? Lead/account owner? Specific user? Generic email inbox (