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Embedded YouTube Video Tracking / Leads In Smart List

Question asked by 51501688f7a29f626203cc54029d101c92a3c2d1 on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by 51501688f7a29f626203cc54029d101c92a3c2d1

Hi, a little lost:

Following instruction here:

I have the code set up on a web page.

According to instruction have created a test folder / program / and smart list in order to see whether the 'started' and 'finished' events are generating data.

I (think?) I should be able to see something in the Smart List's Leads tab but nothing is showing there.

In the Smart List's 'Used By' tab it says 'Not Used'. So does the Smart List need to be 'used' by something before data will appear in the Leads tab?

I feel like I'm missing some basic step?