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Integrating Marketo With Multiple CRMs

Question asked by c78d028ea5fa15a103fe40a0df4ccbdb509d74fc on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by c78d028ea5fa15a103fe40a0df4ccbdb509d74fc

We currently have Marketo integrated with Salesforce, which is the CRM uses by our sales team. However, we have a home-grown CRM system for our customers. We are looking at the possibility of also integrating this home-grown system with Marketo via the API. Does anyone know if this is an option?


Alternatively, if we wanted to push a portion of our home-grown CRM data into a system other than Salesforce (perhaps Microsoft Dynamics), would it be possible to simultaneously integrate Marketo with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics?


Any insights would be much appreciated.