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Using RTP for content personalization

Question asked by bd4be54ea6a3d2e298be59f76e9d2b7089886409 on Apr 4, 2016
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I am a novice to Marketo, and have a couple of questions regarding how RTP works.


As part of our marketing strategy, we have decided upon personas. If users look at certain pages, we plan to offer personalized content on the front page based on these personas. We plan to judge which persona is relevant to a user by RTP.


Although ideally we would get an e-mail address, we would like to know if this is possible without getting the visitor's e-mail.


1) I'd like to confirm that any behavioral analysis for RTP is saved to cookies and personalizations are therefore kept for future visits.

2) Is it possible to deliver personalized content based on what pages are viewed by a visitor and without getting their e-mail address?

We plan to have a block offering three different articles on the front page, that change dynamically depending on contents viewed previously by that specific visitor.


Any help would be appreciated!