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Custom light box custom code challenge

Question asked by cde098f3d26af26d5dff02583dd5ebad3b296b5b on Mar 15, 2016

We have quite a few articles, videos and downloads on our sites that I would like to only reveal if a user submits some details to us (name, email etc)


I am trying to modify the light box form script so that:


  • it is a non-closable light-box which
  • disappears on form submit (like a kind of barrier that reveals content when the user gives their details) and doesn't show again on different pages that share the same form
  • the form passes the url or page path of the page where it is located back to a hidden field in marketo (along with the customer data fields) so that we can reuse the same form multiple times but trigger a different response depending on the url where the lead came from.
  • light box position can be manipulated to reveal first paragraph of the underlying page - or - some html from the underlying page (eg. headline and stand-first could appear in the light-box)


I've attached a couple of sketches how it should look


I have created a light-box form and got it so that it disappears when you submit...



That's about the limit of my skill - can anyone help?


Thanks for your help!