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Alternative uses to the Customer Engagement Program (Nurture Streams)

Question asked by ee82c1c7d6f02513afe092612aa96c90edce1ef6 on Mar 9, 2016

Hi fellow Marketo ninjas,


I am looking at the best way to build a global campaign with multiple channels and longevity, and of course easy to manage.


The campaign will run over the course of the year so needs to be geared up for lead gen, and will include multiple content pieces ( and with different versions by target audience) as well as simple emails. Initially I didn't want to create this as traditional engagement stream because it is a one off campaign, BUT a default program won't let me house various program types under the same roof, and I don't want 100 program statuses. I am sure you have bumped into this before!


I am thinking of using an engagement program purely for the functionality it offers: nesting programs and the member of stream capability.


I want to nest all the programs (default, event, email) under my engagement program and then use the program statuses for each of my channels (content, webinar) to drive people to different streams. Eg: Downloads low content piece, Downloads high content piece, Registers for webinar1


And I will be sending the emails within the programs, not using the stream functionality but using the "Member of Engagement Program", stream is "Downloads low content piece" as a way to see what stage people are at to drive them to the next content piece when it comes out. So technically using the Streams as overarching program statuses.


I know this is using the functionality in an alternative way, but have any of you done this before and has it worked for you?