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Cannot move assets into new workspace =(

Question asked by 65122b9c6dfe932e17bbd5ec56cb382b477c6b25 on Mar 8, 2016
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Our company finally received workspaces & partitions! Yay!


Unfortunately, Product Docs and have not yet been able to help us resolve how to move individual Marketing Activity, Design Studio, & Lead Database folders into their appropriate workspaces. Every time we try to move this, we're told an "email is being used by a test and cannot be moved" or that an "asset is in use or being used by other assets".


Do I have to delete all of my previous work and start over? What about my colleague who has been using Marketo twice as long as me?


It doesn't make sense that I cannot simply drag and drop folders into the correct partition. Please help. What am I missing?


Thank you so much for your time!


-Amanda =)