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Please help: Product Docs doesn't answer my question

Question asked by 65122b9c6dfe932e17bbd5ec56cb382b477c6b25 on Mar 2, 2016
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Hello and thank you in advance for your time!


My colleague and I have been using Marketo for 3-6 months, but only for email blasts, because we cannot figure out how to build more sophisticated automation with the resources we've been given. We've done the Learning Lab, read the Product Docs, and even scoured Josh Hill's Marketo Rockstar Guide. We cannot figure it out.


Would you please explain how to create the following:


1) Send an email to XXXX leads

2) If email is opened, but no link clicked, send a new email

3) If email is opened and the link is clicked, send a follow up email

4) If email is unopened, resend email in X days with new subject line


I feel like if we can get this up and running, we can do anything! But right now - we just can't grasp smart campaigns, batch, trigger... what we've attempted hasn't worked. Please help ... in plain English! =)


Thanks again!