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Why was I denied from Higher Education Virtual MUG?

Question asked by 888ead1d16959ba9aba6ba257172b231ebb17e80 on Feb 22, 2016
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I was just informed that I was denied from the Higher Education Virtual MUG.  I am not clear why I wasn't accepted.  I work for a higher education institution (  We were founded by Harvard and are accredited by SACS, AACSB, and EQUIS for graduate level management education.  I would like to know why I was not accepted into the group.  If it was an error, no worries, but I would like to be a member.


I looked at the description of the group and it applies exactly to what I do.

"Marketo's applicability in higher ed is much different than in b2b. With this Virtual User Group we hope to foster adoption, value realization, and community for this special segment of Marketo's customers."


Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.  Matthew Barnett