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How to use URL Builder if form is in an iFrame?

Question asked by 2b29aa204bad7ba9610deb7bf2e53099d48f8828 on Feb 11, 2016
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I occasionally use the URL Builder feature for landing pages where the form is on the landing page to create a URL for a 3rd party vendor promotion.


How can I create a personalized URL when the form is in an iFrame? No form ON the landing page only a CTA to a form. I am using an iFrame because I have multiple assets on the landing page that are behind different forms.


Landing page DRAFT: To give you an idea of LP


I was under the impression child pages within iFrames are not tracked. Could this by why my scenario could not work?


Goal:  i want to give a 3rd party vendor a customized url to one of our landing pages and be able to add the people that click on the provided link to a list. Is this possible?


Thank you.