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Leveraging SFDC Custom Objects and Related Lists on Contacts and Leads

Question asked by fa4fa245bbb1cf35fddec7dfb8b84537f4d22eef on Feb 2, 2016

Looking for some super user advice on an issue that is growing in our company.


We want to access product interest data on leads and contacts. There are currently 10 possible products that a lead/contact could be interested in, and 5-10 use cases under each of the products that we want to leverage for engagement programs and other marketing channels in Marketo.  It's ideal that we store that information in Salesforce, because it's our central location for all of our different data sources.  We have historically used check-boxes, but as our use cases grow, this is not scalable.  Our SF admin would like to use a custom object and related lists to store this information, but we're not sure how to leverage that in Marketo. So my question is:


Can Marketo read/write to records that are related to Contacts and Leads (i.e. they have a lookup relationship)? This would be a one-to-many relationship. A contact could have zero or any number of these records.


If so, how do we do it? If not, do you have any other ideas how to document this kind of information without using check-boxes?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!