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Repercussions of Moving to Account based model in SFDC

Question asked by 63c29fdacad09c1dd361f96052ea225375982e22 on Jan 25, 2016
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Greetings Everyone!


At this point we operate in a model where we have accounts only for contacts that got converted in sales lifecycle process and for customers and opportunities. We are in the process of exploring the account based model in Salesforce model in SFDC where we have an account and we are able to see all activity(all conversations) within that account.


  • How should we implement this?
  • This will impact our reporting as all leads will have to be converted to contacts to associate them to accounts on the same date, how should we handle that? Is there a better way to approach that?
  • How should we maintain this - since Marketo will create leads after form fill out and such, which will sync to SFDC as leads. Should we convert leads on a daily basis or weekly? Is there another way to handle this?
  • Scoring will have to be revised, and account based scoring will have to be added?
  • Are there other factors we need to keep in mind when thinking of moving to this structure?


Please advise.