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Exporting Field Values to 3rd Party

Question asked by b35c246b53435e249290aa6118b52f77257b5c3e Champion on Jan 14, 2016
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We host events where we gather different information for registration such as tshirt, jacket or flight details. This information is then sent to our travel agent who helps us with booking travel information for our attendees.


He is not in Marketo, nor should he be, however we do want to find a way to easily get him the information so that he can keep track of the details he has for each person with minimal effort on his part or our part. AKA, we want to automate it all.


In the past, we used Eventbrite and I was able to then link the responses to Zapier which would populate a Google Doc that he could access and edit with all of the information.


I know that Marketo doesn't sync with Google Docs, however is there a similar setup that I could do with Marketo? The only thing I could think of was that, with every RSVP, he would get an email that has all of the details from the form, however that wouldn't allow the data to be easily exported to a different spreadsheet. The email idea also isn't scalable because sometimes we have 500 people's RSVPs to deal with.


I know we can set up a smart list of people who RSVP'd, however that still takes too much work on our team's part to get them into the editable spreadsheet.


Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.