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Is There a Way to Add Desired Criteria or Actions as Export Columns of a Smart List, Report, Etc.?

Question asked by 64c20b2bd562b41d8c3ed13858d696aab3878e58 on Jan 12, 2016

I am currently trying to perform a statistical analysis on a campaign that had four email touches. The 8 pieces of information I'm trying to take into consideration are pertaining to 1) whether someone opened email 1,2,3, or 4, and 2) how many clicks they had on each email that they opened (i.e. I want my output to be First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Email 1 (Opened or not opened), Email 2 (Opened or not opened), Email 3 (Opened or not opened), Email 4 (Opened or not opened), Email 1 # clicks, Email 2 # Clicks, Email 3 # Clicks, Email 4 # Clicks). I understand that I can create 8 different smart lists, 4 based on opens, and 4 based on clicks, and get a less specific version of this desired output, but it seems like an unnecessary amount of data compilation for a less specific result. Is there any way to generate this sort of data/list output in Marketo?