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I need to test a campaign where a lead would get 1 of 40 different emails. 

Question asked by ed3ff4b0b84932c5844fb11987ddc6abc7fe732a on Nov 30, 2015



I am building out a campaign where a file would get loaded daily and the lead would get 1 of 40 different emails depending on the message code attached to that lead record.  This will be a daily batch upload, but I am wondering if there is a simple way to test the campaign using ONLY my email address.  I would hate to have to upload a list 40 different times to see if I get the corresponding email, but I can't seem to think of a different way.  If my only option would be to have 40 different testing email address's than I guess I can do that, but wanted to check here first.


Thank you for your help!


Monica Koran