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Can Salesforce Custom Objects be in Email Scripts?

Question asked by 0a68a3e1294e050c984664b8f1295a8fb786667c on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by b02e527c588ceec7721d7f4e2cc46e0e151c060b

Hi Marketo Community!

I'm trying to set up a token in my email that references an expiration date for each product user. This is available as a field within the SFDC custom object on the lead and contact record (2 separate objects) as displayed below:



When I go to create the token at the program level - none of my custom objects are available for email script. We only have 3 options, which I'm pretty sure came out of the box with Marketo. See below:



Does anyone know how to set up the SFDC custom objects so they appear in the email script?