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Email script token using custom object

Question asked by 798df13039ada8c2f9c5e330513436bf745924c9 on Oct 21, 2015

In my email script token, I am trying to reference a field from a custom object but the email will not render the value.


The custom object is being synced from my Salesforce account and I know Marketo is aware of the custom object because it does show up under "Customer Objects" in the "Edit Script Token" window. Also if I create a smart list to filter on that object / field the Lead record does show up there.


I followed this documentation but I do not why it is not working.

Email Scripting » Marketo Developers


My script is simply


Lead: ${lead.FirstName}                               # This value shows up

Test field ${myCustomObject.field1}            # This value is not rendered


Any suggestions? Maybe someone has a simple working example.