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Sales Insight Alternatives

Question asked by 0a298a805179541da2ad74257eb6262d4431f94c on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by 5b9ccd599a0a680a8a8b82caba44eb118694ad84

We've been struggling with Sales Insight in SFDC for a while now due to its limitations. As many have mentioned in this community we have found that the reporting available to sales reps is limited with many of the filters, such as Web Activity, being very basic. Our biggest problem though is the limited ability of Sales Insight emails. We want to create editable emails for our sales team to use. Unfortunately it is very easy to lose the formatting on a sales insight email when you make edits from within the SFDC app. This means our sales team are tempted to use the blank template option in Sales Insight but that provides very basic formatting options, the emails that come from using this normally look ugly.


That said we are investigating what work arounds we can implement to make Sales Insight more useful. At the same time I am interested to know if there are any third party products that have been created as an alternative to Sales Insight?