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Nurture Program - Need a Monthly Cadence without Sending to Everyone on the Same Day Each Month

Question asked by f66b49c2e3e660cb383f283e08cd3e14d1db8ba9 on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by f66b49c2e3e660cb383f283e08cd3e14d1db8ba9

Looking for Marketo rockstars to share opinions on how to accomplish the following in a nurture/engagement program:


  • Leads are added daily to the program via a Trigger
  • When a new Lead is added, we want them to receive Email #1 immediately.  Then, 4 weeks later they will receive Email #2, 4 weeks after that Email #3, and so on.  If a Lead is added on Monday, they will receive Email #1 on Monday.  If a Lead is added on Tuesday, they will receive Email #2 on Tuesday.  And so on.
  • We don't want to send all of the emails to everyone on the same day every month.  If we do that, our inside sales team will be overwhelmed with responses for 24 hours and then will have nothing until the next month.  Instead, we want emails to go out every day of the month so we can spread out the responses.


I'm not sure how to set the Stream Cadence to accomplish this.  I'm told by our consultant that using wait steps in the campaign is a bad idea.