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Copy/content templates for Marketing Automation requests?

Question asked by e45b854943b7d76d00fcfcfd3e52ed73788dfd9b on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by 8239ef8110fc5c0d4011b8c0e03703ac59f6d2ab

Hey all,


Our team is structured with campaign managers and two Marketo experts. The campaign managers work with these experts to execute their marketing campaigns. We use JIRA to prioritize campaign requests, and have set up a Google Doc template to streamline copy/content. It looks sort of like this:


Do any of you work with content editors? If so, how do you streamline copy requests while ensuring you are asking for all of the right assets, and right questions ahead of time?


Any examples of templates would be great!!