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List import - it says tht 0 fields are ignored, however, all the field names say "ignored"

Question asked by 41c0759f6009342ce6a00335dcef8215eec35222 on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by 41c0759f6009342ce6a00335dcef8215eec35222

I am importing a list into Marketo.  i have the following fields in my list: First name; last name; email; job title; company; country; group; phone.


When i upload the CSV list, the next message on the screen says that "0 fields are ignored", however all the field names in the Marketo field name column say: "Ignored" see picture.


I have been going in and manually finding the appropriate field and changing the Marketo field to that one.


a) should i just click "import" without making the changes first?

b) why is this happening?

c) what is the best practice for this?