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Unsubscribe from campaign and not all mailing list

Question asked by 0dacaca1e2ad3748d38af648b19cd9112e4984b1 on Jul 2, 2015

Hi all,


My understanding for unsubscribe email link is removing user from all the mailing list. But my target is to facilitate custom unsubscribe link/utility to remove users from particular campaign.


Is it possible to achieve so ? If yes then a detailed guidelines will be highly appreciated.


Reason for asking question: Our organization also uses Marketo for creating many campaigns other than attracting leads. We want to use this awesome service to handle majority of our internal events. And sometimes user might unsubscribe from email chain. This creates problem to target them again for other campaigns.


Till now I have tried using the Admin->Email section to customize the unsubscribe and also from  Design Studio-> Unsubscribe form. Its not helping out.