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How do you create a Munchkin API call to track video plays?

Question asked by 3a1ad8a823652b22beff34462a80c4798dc10fa6 on Jun 30, 2015

Hi we just learned about the possibility of tracking a lead's activity on video play on our landing pages and website, basically anything that already has our munchkin tracking code implemented on.


First, is there a basic template to create the javascript code we can pass to our developers to create this code?


Second, To call the API for a web event such as video play, do you have to create a separate javascript code for each webpage or landing page that has a video on it? Or what type of URL do you need to input in the bolded section below (found this piece of basic code on the developers marketo site). Would we put this code inside, below, or above the existing munchkin tracking code in our landing page templates and website?


mktoMunchkinFunction('visitWebPage', { url: document.location.path, params: 'playedVideo=true' });