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How do you add urls to smart campaign constraint drop downs?

Question asked by 0e859648e19b629029865094e7d81f9a20ebeb5b on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by 0e859648e19b629029865094e7d81f9a20ebeb5b

I am having trouble using certain urls from our site in smart campaign constraints.


For example I want to make smart list where the constraint is "Visits webpage - webpage is = "some url". However not all webpages from our site are showing up in the drop down? And if I copy and paste the url to the text area it says "invalid url" even though it is definitely a page on the site.


I'm assuming the url has to be in the drop down list, so how do you add new ones? Or if this is supposed to be updating automatically what might the problem be? These are non-marketo pages.


I appreciate any suggestions!