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Sending emails from a Salesforce User Lookup field

Question asked by f66b49c2e3e660cb383f283e08cd3e14d1db8ba9 on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by 86e7d4d0d7027e0caaec17034cba1a842632e37d

I need to create a custom Salesforce field to track the SDR (Sales Development Rep -- they schedule appointments on behalf of the sales person who owns the account) who is assigned to an account.  In Marketo, I need the ability to send email alerts to the SDR and send email campaigns from the SDR.  I've seen a few posts on this topic and am looking for the best solution.


If I create a lookup field, Salesforce will sync over the Salesforce ID which isn't very helpful.  I could create additional formula fields to convert the ID into a full name and email address, but that doesn't seem like a clean solution, and there are limitations to when formula field data will sync to Marketo.  Plus I'm at our limit of formula fields that reference other objects.


It's common for many B2B companies (especially SaaS companies) to have SDRs and sales people working on the same account.  How do others make this work in Salesforce and Marketo?